RS12 and RS20 for shotguns

Dear sport shooters,

At Reload Swiss, we’re frequently asked about loads for shotgun cartridges. When it comes to rifle and pistol/revolver cartridges, we are more than happy to put our expertise at your disposal. However, we do not have a great deal of experience in the area of shotgun cartridges, nor do we have any way to simulate these. Accordingly, we hedge our answer somewhat, in that we say that RS12 and RS24 could be suitable.

One customer refused to be deterred by our pussyfooting and developed two fantastic recipes. DEVA even measured these two cartridges for pressure. Both pressure results lie clearly within the pressure limit. The customer, and we at Reload Swiss, are now happy to pass this data on to you.

ShellFiocchi 12/70 T2 plastic
Powder1.82g Reload Swiss RS12
PrimerFiocchi 616 (high power)
Shot cupBaschieri&Pellagri Z2M-H21
Load type32g lead shot 2.7mm
Crimp8-point star crimp
Mean V3390m/s
Max. gas pressure429 bar

The extremely low standard deviations of just 2.1m/s resp. 14.3 bar for five measured shots were also remarkable. According to the maker, this recipe can be used for both DBS falling-target shooting and hunting. The second recipe is recommended solely for hunting:

ShellFiocchi 12/70 T2 plastic
Powder2.15g Reload Swiss RS20
PrimerFiocchi 616 (high power)
Shot cupBaschieri&Pellagri Z2M-H15 + 20-gauge cork disk 3.2mm in the cup beneath the shot
Load type36g nickel-plated lead shot 2.9mm
Crimp6-point star crimp
Mean V3378m/s
Max. gas pressure505 bar

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to the maker for his courage, conviction and meticulousness. We wish the entire shooting family all success and great fun with these two interesting recipes.

Dominik Antenen